Smooze Fruit Ice
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Smooze Fruit Ice has got to be the most delicious, dairy free, tropical refreshment to hit the shelves in years! Simply Coconut from Smooze is guaranteed to bring smiles all round for kids and grown-ups. Available in four pleasing varieties – Mango + Coconut, Pink Guava + Coconut, Pineapple + Coconut, Simply Coconut, which one will you try first?

Features and Benefits

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Smooth and great tasting
  • Canteen Friendly
  • Vegan


Reviewers Experience

It’s so easy to feel just like a little kid with a new favourite taste every time I pick up a Smooze.

Smooze is a 100% natural frozen treat made with freshly pressed coconut milk; it is gluten and dairy free, with no artificial colours, cholesterol, trans fats or preservatives, and at only 104 calories it makes for the perfect ‘guilt-free’ indulgence.

The mix of coconut and fruits give you an amazing taste that is natural and great for you!

Simply Coconut’s taste and aroma conjures up images of an exotic, tropical island holiday where time slows down, sunny smiles abound and cares happily wash away.

Smooze is a magnificent, creamy, portion-controlled, dairy-free indulgence that contains significantly less fat, sugar and kilojoules per gram than vanilla ice cream . . .and, let’s face it, who stops at one scoop of ice cream?!

Smooze is just great. A simply fantastic treat without the negatives.