In Celebration of MumDifferent countries and cultures around the world celebrate most occasions, such as Christmas, in unique ways. One special occasion that appears to mean the same thing in most cultures around the world, however, is Mothers Day.

The way each country celebrates Mothers Day does differ according to country, but the meaning and method of celebration seems to be consistent. Thanking and appreciating Mum for everything she does, and spoiling her with flowers, breakfast or tea, perhaps a gift, is on the agenda no matter what country or culture.

There is no confusion or debate around the fact that motherhood is both an important and challenging role. It is always extremely valued, for these reasons, across the globe. Collectively, we should agree that simply a day is not enough to acknowledge motherhood, and thank our Mums for raising us, but it’s certainly a great start!

Here are just some reasons Mums are so appreciated:

  • They know exactly how to cheer up our child – who may be upset, angry or afraid. Mum knows exactly the right thing to do or say to make it all better again.  They take part in and encourage their interests, and often even participate ourselves. If the little ones are into ballet or football, collecting insects or drawing fairies, Mum is right there beside them. If they express an interest in Irish dancing because they saw a video clip, then Mum is immediately looking up local classes to help encourage an interest. No matter what profession or hobby they choose to pursue, Mum is always keen to encourage an interest, no matter how brief the participation.
  • Daughters love them because they share their “beauty tips”.  Most importantly, though, mothers teach us that real beauty extends beyond the external and the most beautiful thing a girl can have is a kind heart.
  • For sons, mothers teach them to value and appreciate a woman, and the qualities he should treasure in a life partner. Mum models the ways that showing kindness and sharing feelings is not weak – in fact, its courageous!
  • Mums are their kids’ biggest fans. They proudly display their drawings, attend their sports matches, and feature their photos prominently and visibly for all to see.  Mothers inspire children to be their best, whilst gently overlooking inevitable mistakes.  They loudly cheer their children’s success and support them gently when they fall.
  • Mothers will offer their child the very last piece of cake and sacrifice a phone call with friends to let their kids play games on Mum’s smart phone!  Yes, Mums put their child’s well-being and happiness before their own.
  • Mums love their kids unconditionally – they may not always like our behaviour, but Mum loves us forever.


Any Mother who can recognise even a small amount of herself in that list, has much to be proud of and deserves a joyful and loving Mothers Day!