MCG Leukaemia StompReviewer’s Rating:
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The Stadium Stomp is a fundraising event for the Leukaemia Foundation that is held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Features and Benefits

  • Great activity with friends or on your own
  • Take it at your own pace, rest when you need
  • Contribute to charity

Reviewer’s Experience

It was tough at times and yet the sense of satisfaction on completion was incredible. After doing the full course of 7,343 steps my legs were hurting and yet I still ran with excitement and enthusiasm on that short final stint around the edge of the ground to cross the finish line.

There is support from all angles – the emails once you register going on to smiling faces at the ground and the signs at every aisle along with the regularly spaced marshals offering encouragement.  And the massage was especially good.

Being able to take it at your own pace is fabulous because it becomes about the cause and the personal challenge rather than competition.  When it is on in your area – get involved.