Crooked and misaligned teeth are not just an aesthetic issue but people having them also are at a risk of long-term health issues. Fortunately, there are numerous teeth straightening options to correct the crooked teeth and lead a better quality of life.

Causes of Crooked Teeth

Some factors that contribute to crooked teeth include:

  • Incorrect jaw development
  • Improper fit of dental restorations
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Premature tooth loss
  • Gum disease
  • Prolonged use of pacifier, bottle or thumb sucking

Genetics play a critical role as jaw development and tooth size are hereditary, affecting the tooth alignment.

There are negative effects of crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth affect the bite significantly which makes chewing and eating difficult. It can be challenging for some people to even speak or they may develop a lisp. It is harder to keep crooked teeth clean which increases the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and periodontal disease which also contributes to the risk of heart disease.

Solutions for Crooked Teeth

  • Braces

If you have healthy teeth which are crowded or crooked, then fixed braces would be a great long-term solution. Fixed braces or clear aligners will gradually make your teeth straighter.

Remember that straightening teeth with braces will take time, usually months or occasionally years. However, the results would be worth the wait. You need to keep wearing your retainer so that the results last a lifetime.

  • Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are individually crafted to adhere to your natural teeth for a straighter smile. These are a quick alternative to braces. They are ideal for disguising imperfections in the teeth and can successfully mask misshapen or badly stained teeth which cannot be whitened. You can enjoy great results within a few appointments itself.

The major downside of getting veneers is that the dentists will have to remove some tooth surface to achieve the best results. If you have healthy teeth, they may recommend you to go for braces as a less destructive treatment.

  • Dental Crowns

If you have severely decayed or broken teeth, you can still dream of a great, confident smile. Once the decay is treated, the orthodontic treatment consists of fitting dental crowns over the top of broken and damaged teeth. They will be good as new and function just like natural teeth. In some cases, a combination of veneers and crowns can be used for better results. Generally, crowns are not designed to last forever but you can make them last for approximately three decades with good oral hygiene.

  • Teeth Contouring

If you have teeth which are mildly crowded, you can opt for teeth contouring. It’s a simple treatment which involves reshaping the teeth carefully to make them appear straighter and neater. It is a pain-free treatment and won’t damage the teeth at all. It just takes a few hours in the dentist’s chair.

  • Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive and simple cosmetic technique that helps in creating straighter teeth. A high-tech plastic resin is applied to the teeth, which is then shaped and colored to match your natural teeth. The composite blends in naturally with your own teeth. People having crooked teeth with gaps can also benefit from dental bonding. The best part? The treatment is completely reversible and barely takes an hour to complete.

The major concern everyone has about crooked teeth is how it affects the way they look and smile. Crooked teeth aren’t just a cosmetic issue but they can have serious implications on your overall health as well. Contact your orthodontist soon to get your crooked teeth checked and determine which treatment would suit the best. It will give you straighter set of pearly whites and confidence to carry them.