When people who want to move “down under”, they think of Australia, kangaroos, koalas and that heavenly sunshine. They do not realize the differences in education, employment, politics, or finances from their country of origin. In this short guide, you will be informed how to avoid the top five main issues people face when migrating to Australia.

1. Education and Transferring of Schools

One of the main topics individuals face when migrating to Australia is with transferring school credits from another country to the Australian colleges. Some credits will not transfer for certain reasons and classes may have to be retaken.

There is also the issue of getting your child situated with vaccination records and coursework for elementary and high school. Consulting an education consultant in Melbourne may be your best advice as they can steer you in the correct and proper direction to avoid mishaps in the transfer process.

2. Relocation Costs

Another issue people face when moving to Melbourne or other Australian cities is the cost to relocate. Moving to another country can be expensive. Since it is many miles from where you currently live, you will have costs such as shipping your belongings via water or air as you cannot drive to the country. That is your largest expense.

You also have to factor in the difference in currency rates, cost of living, housing set-up, and a multitude of other issues. Make sure to research relocation costs before biting the bullet.

3. Visas and Becoming a Citizen

Becoming a citizen in a new country can be both scary and exhilarating at the same time. It can be a complicated process. There is a tremendous amount of paperwork to file and a waiting period is put into effect.

You need to know how long your visa remains valid and how to renew it if necessary while waiting to become an Australian citizen. Make sure you seek help in this process by consulting an education consultant who can advise you on how to complete the process.

4. Employment

Another excellent point when migrating to Australia that you need to be aware of is the difference in work regulations and how to seek a job once you have arrived. Many jobs are not advertised, so it can be difficult to locate a good paying job if you do not have a close network of friends, family, or acquaintances to assist you.

Make sure to check local newspapers as well as online career websites as they publish new job advertisements on a daily basis. Another great way to find work is to use a recruitment agency to assist you in this endeavor.

5. Cost of Living

The last significant difference when migrating from your own country to Australia is the cost of living and financial aspect of the move. It is crucial that you research and verify the cost of housing, food, transportation, utilities, and other commodities before you migrate.

You also need to review how much you currently receive in your career compared to what you will make in Australia. The numbers might be off in your favor or possibly against you. You may not be able to afford the new country.

Get Started on the Right Foot

Moving or migrating to Australia has the potential to raise quite a few issues, however, with our advice, these can be avoided easily. Follow our advice on avoiding some of the most common pitfalls people face when they arrive in Oz and get started on the right foot. You will ease into your new role as an Australian citizen much easier and see Australia for the beautiful and compassionate country it is!

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