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Scooters = Fun, Fun and Fun.

Of course, that’s after you learn how to ride them.  Nothing too difficult – except for mastering that odd thing called ‘balance’.

Well Globber has provided an excellent way of helping the little ones learn about balance with their My Free and My Free 4-in-1 scooters.  Two wheels on the front means more stability but still provides loads of fun.  And for easier learning the front wheels can be locked to provide even more stability.

globber-myfreeFeatures and Benefits

  • Direction Lock – easier to learn balance
  • Adjustable handlebar – to suit all sizes
  • Lower deck – more stable
  • Ergonomic handles – Long lasting and they feel good
  • Long rear brake – more efficient (covers the whole wheel)

Reviewers Experience

The extra stability provided on the Globber My Free and My Free 4in 1 is obvious right from the get go.  Our young kiddies trying a single wheel scooter were often seen toppling over as they tackled the scooter early on.  In comparison there was hardly a fall with ours when they tried the My Free versions.  They steer a little bit differently and our littlies felt at home straight away with using their weight – lean to the left = go left; lean to the right = go right – to turn and this seemed to give them confidence and help them understand balance much more quickly.

And for really early learners you can lock the front wheels so that they won’t turn.  It won’t take the kids long to want that lock removed.  They pick it up so quickly.

Having the two wheels at the front has the added advantage that the kids don’t catch their feet on wheels at the back.  The single back wheel has the brake of course and it was easier to learn how to use the brake because of the extra stability from the two wheels at the front.

globber-myfree-4-in-1For the real littlies there is the Globber My Free 4-in-1.  This is a real game changer.  Even if the little one isn’t big enough to stand and push the scooter My Free 4-in-1 delivers the great fun of riding a scooter by the little one sitting on the seat and being pushed by mum or dad.  As they grow you can remove the handle for mum or dad to hold and they can still sit and propel themselves along.  For these little ones the lock on the front wheels provides excellent stability so they can get a good feel before moving to having the wheels for steering when they have greater control of their balance.  As they grow and develop their capabilities the My Free 4-in1 grows with them so that they move up to the standing version with the one unit.

A big tick to Globber for My Free and My Free 4-in-1.

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