What Did We Review:   Shopkins Happy Places Happy Home

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Where to buy: Moose Toys

Welcome to the Happy House! The Lil’ Shoppies house that’s alive with fun!

Decorate and display your rooms with cute Petkins furniture. There are so many Petkins with cute little faces to help turn your rooms into cute Happy Places!

Popette loves to follow the latest trends when designing her Puppy Parlour. She’s a star when it comes to decorating and creating a lounge to suit her laidback lifestyle!

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to set up
  • Detailed quality pieces
  • Encourages imagination and open-ended play

Reviewers Experience

I took my six-year-old daughter out shopping a few weeks ago.

We were browsing the isles of a store when my daughter suddenly let out a high pitched shriek of delight.  She had spotted Shopkins Happy Places Happy Home.

The clever people of Moose Toys have done it again!

After a long day of shopping the Lil’ Shoppies and accessories now have a happy place to call home.  The house has little windows and really cute detail on the outside. This includes a potted plant and a gorgeous bright pink front door.  The roof of the house is lined with little lanterns and banners with tiny Petkins faces.

The house comes fully assembled and has four different rooms inside each decorated with beautiful wall paper.  The rooms are spread across two levels with a sturdy staircase in between, so the Lil’ Shoppie can easily go between each room of her home.  The house even has a little fish tank panel that slides out! Each room has heaps of shelf space to store those specially collected Petkins.

The Shopkins Happy Places Happy Home comes with an exclusive Lil’ Shoppies (Popette) and Puppy Palour Petkins furniture accessories to decorate one of the rooms (from the HOME collection).

The Lil’ Shoppie’s are a mini version of the Shopkins Shoppies doll and are so adorable and detailed according to their theme. Even their tiny shoes are detailed!

Each Lil’ Shoppie doll comes with a stand and has a little outfit that can be interchanged with others.  The doll is really easy to hold, and their head, arms and legs move (so she can sit or stand). Their hands can also hold little items.

My daughter loved moving Popette around the inside of the house and up and down the stairs.  I loved how the house and doll encouraged imagination and open-ended play.

My daughter had fun popping the Puppy Palour Petkins furniture accessories out of the packaging and deciding the best place to position the Petkins inside the house. There were so many tiny accessories including; a couch, coffee table and a fireplace.

These Petkins are so teenie tiny and super cute! I loved how the Petkins accessories have simple, easy names for children to remember.

Each of the Petkins are of high quality and are so detailed.  For example, the couch has cushions indents, arms, a tiny happy Petkins face on the front and a cute dogs’ tail at the back.

Each of the Petkins are perfectly to scale with each other and the house.  I loved how all the pieces go together and match. For example, there is a little popcorn bowl complete with a tiny salt shaker that fits in the bowl! The fireplace is complete with a log holder and logs!

There are other Lil’ Shoppies dolls and cute Petkins playsets (Welcome Packs and Decorator Packs) that can be bought separately to add to the house; Bathing Bunny (bathroom themed), Dreamy Bear (Bedroom themed) and Kitty Kitchen (kitchen themed).  For example, the Bathing Bunny playset comes complete with a toilet, a tiny toilet paper roll, basin, shampoos and soaps, and extra surprise Petkins!

My daughter loves her Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home and can’t wait until our next shopping trip to buy more accessories to decorate it further.  It takes pride of place in her bedroom and really is her Happy Place!