Get ready to be taken on a beautiful adventure with Catch that Cat!
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Set on the island of Kythera, where it is common to see many cats lounging about on the walls and streets, Catch that Cat! is about Aphrodite, a curious cat with a sense of adventure.

When she runs away from Yiayia’s house on Kythera, to explore the Greek island’s markets, festivals and beaches, she causes chaos and no one can catch her…except Yiayia, who knows that while Aphrodite belongs to Kythera, the best part of any adventure is returning home.

Features and Benefits:

  • Beautiful bright illustrations
  • Fun to read
  • A great introduction to Greek history and culture

Reviewers Experience

One of our favourite times as a family is snuggling up together on the couch at the end of the day with a warm blanket and good book – story book time. My children love going to our home library and selecting books to read.  Tonight my children chose the hard cover children’s book Catch that Cat! written by Melina Mallos and illustrated by Tety Solon.

From the moment my children took this book off the shelf they were instantly captivated by the books’ beautiful detailed illustrations.

The story begins at Yiayia’s house in Potamos, the largest village in the northern part of Kythera island, Greece.  We are then taken on a tour with Yiayia and her grand-daughter Elesa, as they travel across Kythera Island in search for their mischievous but lovable cat Aphrodite.

We loved the map of Greece included at the front of the book encouraging discussions about travel, geography, Greece, and the Greek Islands.  Adjacent to this is an enlarged map of Kythera Island with cat paw prints showing Aphrodite’s journey.  My children loved going to back and referring to this map as we read through the story.

As we travel with Yiayia and Elesa we learn about the history, landmarks, people, food and culture of Greece and Kythera Island.  At the end of the story further information is provided in a separate easy-to-read guide with beautiful bright pictures. This book would make a great educational resource for any primary school classroom.

We loved how even the delightful characters in the story pay homage to Greek history; Elesa named after Agia Elesa (Saint Elesa), Aphrodites the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and Yiayia an affectionate name in Greek for Grandmother.

Not only is this book a fun introduction to Greek history and culture, it also introduces the reader to the typical mischief that a cat gets up to. We loved how the story cleverly keeps the reader in suspense.  We were always wondering what was going to happen next? What will happen to the cat Aphrodite? Will they find her?

Catch that Cat! was such a delight to read. We highly recommend this book for any classroom or home library!