splitWhat Did We Review:  Split Second & Tri-ominos board games

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Where to buy: Crown & Andrews

Split Second is the game where it’s not how much you know, but how quickly you can write your answer down and flip it to the centre of the game before anyone else.  The difference between winning and losing?  A split second!

Tri-ominos takes the tried and tested original game of Dominos and adds a new dimension. Add up points and get rid of tiles to be the ultimate champion.  If you know how to play dominos, then you already know how to play Tri-ominos.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Fun for all the family
  • Easy to understand rules, even for the young players
  • Exciting and fun
  • Test your reflexes!

Reviewers Experience

Family games night has never been more enjoyable!  We recently added Split Second and Tri-ominos to our stash of games, and it’s been such fun mixing it up each week!

We started off with a casual game of Tri-ominos, thinking it would help our young primary school aged children to think and use their problem-solving skills.  We anticipated having to assist them in working out how to match up all 3 sides of a tile, so that the game could continue, however, we found ourselves being ‘schooled’ by our children!

“You can’t put that there dad” was the first sign that we, as adults, were in trouble.  “That won’t match, and I know you don’t have any other matching tiles” ….. apparently, we have sneaky children too!  Hehe

Adding up the score for each player was fun, but we also passed this task off to the younger two of the family…….let’s face it, any chance to NOT have to work our brains hard is a good thing, right? The littlest of the littles used a calculator, whilst the slightly older of the offspring utilised his pen and paper.  They had NO idea we were making them do maths!  On a weekend no less!!!!

The game continued until we were foiled at the final minute by the boy, with a cleverly placed tile that skyrocketed his points into oblivion.  Ok, maybe not oblivion, but you get the picture.

The kids were very impressed with the game and even asked their friends to play when they came around for fun.

The next games night, we brought out the big guns. Thinking, coupled with rapid-fire writing and intense flipping of play pieces, Split Second will definitely go in the pile of ‘loudest games to play’ in our household!

The kids were yelling out, and the wife and I were groaning – it seems that even though we are able to write efficiently, neatly and quickly, the kid’s dexterity and desire to be the fastest won out over our “slow and steady” mentality.

Again, another thinking game, Split Second provided easy to answer questions, even for our littlest little but added the element of a rapid-fire response requirement to ‘up the ante’ in the game stakes.

This one is definitely a keeper and should be brought out at all gatherings, for young and old.  It got to be such an energetic game, that we basically needed a handwriting expert to decipher the hieroglyphics we were using towards the end.

All in all, games nights have been elevated to a new state of fun, thanks to Split Second and Tri-ominos from Crown and Andrews.