Making FudgeHow To Bake The Best Delicious Fudge for All Seasons – In Your Kitchen
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Do you love sweets ? and chocolate ?Is a melt in your mouth, delicious fudge the stuff of your dreams ? Is a melt in your mouth, delicious fudge the stuff of your dreams ?
If that’s the case, then you have found the right book!
Learn how to easily make delicious fudge, with amazing flavours and textures, in your kitchen today.
No matter what the season, there is a fudge to suit – your friends and family will love what you make, and be amazed at your cooking skills!

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to follow recipes
  • A recipe for every occasion
  • Advice on tools to use
  • Substitute recommendations
  • Methodical instructions and how they should be completed
  • How to decorate

Reviewers Experience

Did someone say fudge??? In my opinion, you are either a real lover of fudge or one that can leave it on a plate untouched and I must say I am one of these people that love Fudge. I’ve been known to stake out the fudge stalls at the local markets and have my fair share of samples in my search for the perfect product. I’ve even gone as far as convincing myself that I’m going to make some, but when it comes to crunch time, it has been impossible for me to find a recipe which is basic enough to ease me in.

When I opened Delicious Fudge for all Seasons, I honestly thought it was going to be the same as all the other recipe books I have picked up. How wrong could I be? Unlike other fudge recipe books, this one doesn’t jump straight into a recipe. It starts out explaining what fudge is and the history of it, including the original fudge recipe. It then moves through the tools you’ll need to carry off the perfect fudge, going into great detail on each piece of equipment and its use. It was only then after I felt comfortable knowing the importance of whisking compared to folding and mixing instead of beating I knew I was ready to tackle the fudge.

My fudge of choice was the simple chocolate fudge which I think I nailed. It wasn’t sugary, and was very pleasant to eat (believe me I’d know, I think I ate ¾ of it) and to say it was easy to make is an understatement. The first batch I made was amazing. The second batch I added some chopped walnuts which added the crunch I needed and completely changed the taste.

The only problem I encountered through my entire fudge making process was trying to decide which flavour to make next. I think Chocolate Coffee Fudge, no the Butterscotch Fudge or the Peanut Butter Fudge. I can’t make up my mind so it looks like I’m baking them all!!!