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Parents across the world have Frozen songs stuck in their head and now thanks to Zak! Australia, Frozen is heading to school with new lunch packs!

The words from Miss 5 when she opened hers really do sum this up.  “Wow Daddy you must have known Frozen is my faviourte!” and then walks over to me and says “Daddy really does listen when I say I love Frozen Mummy” .

The Pack Includes all you need to head off to school:

  • An Insulated Lunch bag
  • Drink Bottle
  • Sandwich box
  • Snack container

Miss 5 has not let her Frozen Lunch pack go since she got it and it has been the perfect accessory for every outing over the school holidays.

For Mummy it has been super easy to clean and I love the strength of the seals and the containers. This Lunch Pack is definitely ready to stand the test of school so, bring it on!