Fridge To GoFridge To Go Medium Lunchbag in Purple Camouflage
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The multi-award winning Fridge-To-Go is a revolutionary product which acts as an extension of the home fridge. So much more than just a cooler bag, Fridge-To-Go’s high performing patented chilling technology keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours.

Features and Benefits

• Removable shoulder strap
• Velcro sealed storage pocket
• PBA-free, PVC safe and lead-free
• Wipe clean with soap & water
• It requires no ice, batteries or external power source
• It’s durable, collapsible and 100% environmentally friendly
• Comes with 1 freezer panel

Reviewer’s Experience

We have all been there as a parent…opened the lunch box to the stench of food that go to hot during the school day…thankfully Fridge To Go means I no longer have to do that!

Sceptical at first I put it to the 8 hour test at home first with a sandwich and yoghurt in it and guess what 9 hours later they were still cold…so now it was time for the kids test.

My kids are notorious half eaters so in went a sandwich, a banana and cake with the freezer pack in place and off to school they went.

They came home and to my surprise no nasty smells, the half-eaten banana was still cold as was the sandwich.

After a quick wipe out my Fridge to Go was ready to GO! The next day…as was I to the shops to get another one!