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Kimochis…Toys with Feelings Inside® is a range of multi-award winning toys and now they come in an adorable mini version – perfect for the travelling youngster.

Each mini Kimochis™ comes with a feeling keychain and fun comic book – the perfect thing to help littlies pass the time, and talk about how they’re feeling, rather than just complaining!

There is also great potential for that conversation about feelings to progress into ways to behave towards other people.  For instance, the label that Mini Bella Rose is sensitive could be a useful tool to help children understand what feelings they have that could be called sensitive.

Perhaps more importantly, they can be taught to recognise the signs of those feelings in other children and how to respond appropriately (with care for a friend and with concern for others who may not be friends)

Features and Benefits

  • the included keyring will not likely be used by children so maybe mum or dad will use it
    make sure the lower part of the box is folded out into a tray, especially if you want to encourage your child to place items in a “place”
  • the toy seems well made and is plush. It can be a lovely plush toy in its own right

Kimochis are toys with feelings inside. They are plush, soft and colourful although passive soft toys.  The range includes seven different toys and emotions, ours is Mini Bella Rose who is sensitive.

The toy comes with a keyring with a smaller plush attachment and the label of the emotion associated with the kimochi toy itself.

When you open it up, don;t throw away the box as it has another use – which Mum or Dad may need to help with.  The box opens out to form a tray where the notebook says ” feelings can be stored”

This is not a toy for the under 3 year olds due to the small attachments and also because this could be an educational toy to help children label their emotions.  It would be a good asset within the parent teaching process to help children understand that people have different feelings at different times and to be aware of their own and each others feelings.