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Crisp Big Wheel Scooters came from an idea for a premium quality scooter with premium looks to match. The Crisp production team set about searching for the best materials and craftsmanship to make the ultimate in scooter riding a reality. The Crisp Big Wheel Scooter is a new edition to Crisp’s range. Designed for a smooth ride and coupled with the convenience of a concealed folding mechanism, even the biggest of kids will enjoy!

Features & Benefits

  • Height adjustable bars
  • Concealed folding mechanisms – easy to use and store
  • Water bottle holder – practical
  • Big wheels for a smooth ride
  • Low wide alloy deck with grip – stable and safe


As I walk up the front steps with a large box that seems to promise fun, enjoyment and satisfaction, I am met with squeals of delight from my 10 year old nephew and 3 year old twin nieces. The only way I managed to bring their excitement under control was to open the box!

The Crisp Big Wheel Scooter comes extremely well packaged, with easy to read instructions and tools provided. Once out of the box and after I’d managed to pry it away from my niece, (not before she managed to plant a kiss on it!) I began what I thought was going to be the arduous task of assembling it. HA! Boy was I wrong.

Within 5 minutes and 3 easy steps I had the scooter assembled and ready to roll. The Big Wheel Scooter is flawlessly designed for effortless use as well as supreme quality. With an easy to adjust handle, able to match the height of any user, we were soon rolling our way to bliss in the back yard.

After a brief demonstration for a gaggle of beaming faces it was apparent just how safety, strength, style and a smooth ride were the basis for this slick looking machine. There is a convenient water bottle holder which makes it perfect for those long family walks. It has a strong wide platform with diagonal grip strips allowing for easy balance and stability along with an easy to use breaking mechanism. The large 200mm cast wheels allowed it to roll over the bumps as if they didn’t exist, at a pace that would be unsafe for someone as inexperienced as me on any other scooter.

Hesitant to give to give it up I handed it over to my nephew who was bursting at the seams. After a couple of false starts I was surprised just how quickly he put me to shame as he began to do what he called ‘bunny hops’, jumping the scooter as if it had springs. This is a testament to the scooters high quality. The fact that the handle has a hidden folding mechanism for compact storage in the cupboard or boot, yet rides like its rigid handle counterparts, makes it all the more impressive.