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Fit really has been made fun thanks to Leap Frog – these guys really do continue to amaze me with the great products that they come out with!

So this is how the story goes Miss 5 was invited to a Fit Made Fun event with Leap Frog to test out the new Leap Band with a group of kids and loved her Leap Band so much that Mummy (who has never grown up) had to get one too!

Since then Miss 5 and I have been doing our Fit Made Fun workouts with our leap bands and I have to say this is a ‘real’ workout made fun.  Lucky for me I have a small wrist so I can wear my Leap Band too!

The Leap Band has all the tools to encourage participation including ‘pets’ and teams.  Miss 5 and I each have our pets and we are building our teams by working out and doing challenges with the easy to follow instructions to leap like a frog, roar like a tiger and waddle like a penguin and others.

The education component of Leap Frog is there too as we learn what we need to do to stay fit and healthy while working out, including drinking water and taking breaks.

So if you are looking at getting the kids active grab a Leap Band or two and make fit fun!