Nearly all of us are looking for a more toned and fit body.

Sure, there are a few gym fanatics that are already boasting that perfect bod, but the rest of us are constantly striving for physical improvements to the body we are in. Metabolism plays a huge role in how efficiently your body burns energy and builds muscles. Your metabolism includes all the things a body does to turn food into energy and is integral in the pursuit of the healthiest body.

Now, it is true that determinants such as age, sex, genes and even your thyroid function all impact your metabolism significantly. Luckily, there are things you can do to boost metabolism and get you closer to your dream body. Read on for 6 simple exercises that boost your metabolism.

1) Don’t resist resistance

A really simple and safe piece of equipment that has helped me boost my metabolism is the power band (otherwise known as the resistance band). As a woman wanting to increase muscle tone and decrease body fat, the power band has been my absolute favorite tool. A well thought-out power band workout will include cardio twists that tighten and tone muscles, increase heart rate, and burn calories.

2) Love the legs

Leg workouts are key to boosting metabolism.

Let’s are the largest muscle group in the body, so when planning your workout be sure to incorporate total body exercises that incorporate legs. The order in which you do your exercises is also key. A good tip is to do leg squats before shoulder presses to ensure your heart rate is up early in the game.

3) Rest less

Recovery is crucial, but too much recovery will dampen your pursuit of a speedy metabolism. Increase the intensity of your workout and decrease your rest time from five minutes to three minutes. Make sure you are getting enough rest while keeping your heart rate up in-between reps.

4) Stay Vertical

The traditional ab-building crunch is done lying on your back.

To increase heart rate, burn more calories and boost metabolism try doing the crunch on your knees using a high-pulley apparatus. Face the machine, hold onto the ropes, and crunch towards your knees. You will feel the difference in increased heart rate and burning abs!

5) Compound Movements

These means do exercises that target multiple muscle groups, rather than isolated lifts.

The more muscle groups you target at once means the more calories you burn and the more muscle you build. Some of the best compound movements are bench press, squats, chin ups, dips, and deadlifts.

6) Cardio!

This is the most obvious way to give that metabolism the super-charge you are looking for. Integrate intervals into your cardio workout for the best results. A simple and effective interval training is to head to the track and run 100 meters as fast as you can, rest 90 seconds, then repeat. Do this for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 and so on.

Your next workout could be the one that kicks starts you to a better, faster, more efficient metabolism. Sometimes, it isn’t about how often you hit the gym, rather how smartly you hit the gym. Exercises that target and boost your metabolism will impact weight loss, muscle growth, and overall health and energy. Cardio and weights are the tickets to metabolism boosting. Ramping up cardio, and targeted and smart weight lifting will get you there faster.

Use the tips provided in this article, and away you go to a happier, healthier, stronger body.

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