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‘Fair Go’ is a new family board game specifically created for Generation Z.  It is about competing to find the winner with the best reputation for philanthropy and social justice. Playing ‘Fair Go’ immerses young people in a place where things are as they could be – where winners are only rewarded for doing something great.

You decide (not the dice not fate) when you will become the next industry leader.  Everyone has a ‘fair go’ – an Australian term meaning ‘fair chance’.  Family board game night is something I definitely want to bring back with my kids. Turning off the television for a bit of competitive fun is a great way to build relationships and make memories together, so Fair Go became the newest opportunity.

This is a game for the older kids [8+] in the family.

Fair Go is about teaching our kids the values of kinship, smart business practices and the importance of helping others. Encouraging players to help others reach their potential and actually keep each other in business is a fantastic life lesson, played out with plastic pieces.

Yes, there’s strategy involved and those strategies include helping the other players.  Helping others, helps you and leaving someone bankrupt is not the end goal.

“Fair Go” is a beautifully produced game making use of vibrant colours and high quality card stock and pieces that all the family can relate too.