Phillip Island Go KartsReviewer’s Rating:
Where to Buy: At the Track or Online

Fancy a few laps around a Grand Prix circuit? Well try out the Phillip Island Go Karts. Operating on a scale model of the real Phillip Island track – and just beside the real thing – this track lets you experience the feeling of high speed driving and the fun of doing it on a real race track.

Features and Benefits

  • Well maintained track
  • Quality well maintained karts
  • Proper introductory training before going on the track
  • Marshalls to maintain proper behaviour
  • Fun, Fun, Fun

Reviewers Experience

Just booking in for a turn on this race track is fun. Computerised – you can do it by yourself or the helpful staff will book you in. The real benefit of booking in happens later – more on that later.

After booking in it’s a short walk to the track ‘pit lane’ for a short course on how to use the circuit and everything associated with it. The setting is absolutely delightful and I take that in on my walk. The obligatory training done I am assigned my kart and properly kitted out (take a coat and gloves if you are going on a cold day – you will enjoy it much more if you are not cold) and ready for the track.

The flag is dropped and I’m off. Taking it easy for the first lap to get the ‘feel’ of both Kart and circuit, I enjoy the feel of the lot and the scenery surrounding it all. I had planned to take 2 laps to get the feel of it, but no, this is such fun I’m flat out from the start of lap 2. Flat out is quite safe of course – the top speed is limited and in my case, I am quite heavy so the Kart won’t carry me as quickly as a smaller person. The ride is no less exhilarating. At every turn I am jostling with one or other V8 Super Car driver and on the straights I am matching or overtaking another.

All too soon my 10 lap period is complete and I am waved in by the chequered flag. After handing in my Kart and gear I head off to explore the museum and slot car track (also a scale replica of the Grand Prix circuit) and the other opportunities they have here.

Before I am back to the main building I have received an email regarding lap times etc. This is as a result of checking in with full detail. I like it. When I am back for a few laps against my mates we can compare results; nothing like a bit of competition when you’re on a race track.