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Wanting a good result from the efforts in the laundry I am always watching results and looking for alternatives.  Euca has eluded me in the past but I’m very pleased to have found it now.  Right from the start it ‘delivered’.  Just reading the label had me intrigued – use from only 30ml at a time!


  • Suits Front & Top Loader Machines – saves half the trouble in picking from the shelf
  • Works well in Hot or Cold water – great for the energy saver
  • Free from Synthetic Perfumes & Phosphorus – suits me just fine
  • 100% Active Ingredient – you don’t pour rubbish into the washing
  • 100% Eucalyptus Oil – the laundry smells great, doesn’t affect the clothes

Reviewer’s Experience

Euca covers the whole gamut of items you might use in the laundry with a powder or a liquid to choose from for the wash; there is also the Soaker and the Fabric Conditioner. You can buy bulk items to 10Kg and you can buy 1.5kg refills – great money saving options.

The first thing I noticed when I used the Euca in the wash was the fantastic eucalyptus smell in the laundry. It made the laundry a place you ‘want’ to go rather than the place that often smells a ‘bit off’. And for those who might be concerned – No; it doesn’t leave a scent in the clothes. It works a treat with mixed loads – the whites still come out white and it has shifted plenty of stubborn stains.

It’s easy to use; you need very little of it to get the result; you can run the used water straight out to the lawn or garden without worry; suits front or top loader machines and the list just goes on. And in keeping with caring for the environment, even the container is recyclable!

Euca laundry products have made a great difference to the laundry.  Each has exceeded expectations.  In particular we have some skin issues (Eczema etc.) with some of our family members and those issues have not appeared since we have been using Euca in the laundry.

That is a fantastic outcome.