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Where to Buy: Roi’s 03 5754 4495

Roi’s is set on the main road through Tawonga – about 5 kilometres from Mt Beauty at the foot of Victoria snow country. Just a little way off Falls Creek; mightn’t look much from outside – but go inside – an eclectic décor with plenty to occupy you. But wait for the food – this is exquisite. Best prepared and presented meal we have seen in a long time.

Features and Benefits

  • Top class Chef – quality food
  • Attentive staff – feel spoiled
  • Modern Italian cooking
  • Eclectic décor – occupy your mind; exercise your inquisitiveness
  • Handy patronage – make new friends; meet up with old friends
  • Excellent preparation of food – feel satisfied; great value

 Reviewers Experience

Our friends suggested we should go to Roi’s in Tawonga – nothing more, just ‘try out Roi’s’. I’m never really comfortable when ‘friends’ recommend a restaurant, or any eating house for that matter because they know I’m a fussy eater.

So we pulled up out the front and made our way to the entrance. As soon as you enter you can tell this place has plenty of stories to tell. This place has a character all iits own. Eclectic is the only word I know that comes close to a description. It’s the sort of place that demands you speak to the owner – or staff – and find out what it’s really all about.

There were only a few patrons there when we arrived and with the fire burning well we were escorted to our table and looking forward to what might come of the evening.

For starters we had some bread and this was fresh and full flavoured. Tick

Our mains arrived in good time – tick – despite more patrons arriving and taking time from the wait staff, who had managed, along with the owner to spend time at our table engaging in warm conversation.  We had Turkey for one and Beef Rib for the other with a Bolognaise for the 4 yr old.
Each dish was presented as expected of a good quality establishment – tick

And then we began our meal.

Well! My partner wanted to tell everyone and anyone about the Turkey and how darnn good it was – tick. Miss four was all over the Bolognaise and – having sneaked a taste myself – with very good reason – tick. But what of my Beef Rib? I have been around a while, I have travelled all over Australia and internationally and eaten at many and varied places, but without doubt, that is the best – the BEST – beef I have ever had – tick. i asked about the chef’s recipe – which he probably would have provided but when he started with “It takes 8 hours to……” I decided I would let him do it and come back another day.

If quality Food – tick – and good service – tick – are the making of a restaurant – Go to Roi’s!