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Dyson!  Is there more to say when speaking of vacuum cleaners?  Well if ever there was there is not now.

The dyson v6 absolute is just that – the absolute when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

Examining the package it comes in is an excellent introduction to the clever people at Dyson; there is no wasted space.  All the parts are cleverly packed and it’s just so easy to unpack, understand and put together.  Great start and there’s plenty more to come.

Features and Benefits

  • v6 digital motor – power galore
  • 2 year warranty
  • direct-drive clean head – better clean
  • HEPA filtration – healthier
  • li-ion battery – Power when you need it
  • docking station – great storage & recharge station

Reviewers Experience

The box doesn’t seem big enough to hold a vacuum cleaner. When you open the box it is now obvious why it seems small. Dyson have everything where it should be to do it’s job and no waste. This is a good introduction because everything about the dyson v6 absolute is where it should be, the way it should be.

This unit is easy to assemble, extremely powerful, easy to use (they even put their V Ball technology on the heads – the v6 has swivel steering) and lightweight. They got it all into this unit.

The absolute is so easy to use our Miss 6 demanded ‘her turn’ and now insists that it is ‘her’ Dyson and if anyone else wants to use it they should ask permission. Having her clean up after herself is now not an issue. Thanks Dyson – I bet you didn’t think of that during design!

The absolute comes with a range of accessories including:

  • Direct drive cleaner head – this gives the carpet a real workout and cleaning performance is improved
  • Soft roller cleaner head – this is brilliant; rolls over what would generally pile up and be pushed ahead of the cleaner head and simply vacuums it up. Fantastic!
  • Motorised tool ideal for pet hair
  • Crevice tool – gets those pesky hard to reach places
  • Combination tool – brushes and vacuums

This is so well balanced it doesn’t matter if you are using the wand with attachments or just putting the attachments to the motor part without the wand – it’s still super easy to use regardless of physical strength. Great for floors – hard or carpet, reach up for that web or other fluff about the walls or ceiling or take the wand off and clean the car or the sofa. This unit says what I’m learning about Dyson – it works! No fuss, it just works!

As with other Dyson vacuum cleaners to empty the dust bin is just a simple ‘push button’ arrangement – push the button and the dust drops out the bottom straight into the bin – not all over you.

There are five models of this great hand held:

  • Absolute
  • Fluffy
  • Motorhead
  • Animal
  • Dyson v6

For mine – just get the absolute – it’s the ‘bees knees’!