Don't let Winter Stop Outside Play with a Tizon Design Raincoat Jacket!
What Did We Review:   Tizon Design Windbreaker Raincoat Jacket

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Tizon Design believe that children should be able to enjoy the outdoors what ever the weather.

Tizon Design’s clothing range includes a wide selection of Rash Vest sun shirts, Raincoats and Spray Jackets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fully Lined
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Available in a range of Colours and Styles

Reviewers Experience

My children love nothing more than playing outside in the backyard.  They spend hours building castles in the sandpit, fairy gardens with leaves and pebbles, and secret cubbies.

The change in weather does not stop them from wanting to go outside, but as their mum I worry about them becoming too cold and getting sick.

Keeping them inside all winter was not going to be the answer.  I believe children need to get outside and expel their excess energy, have some freedom, be creative, and stay fit.  I also think fresh air is important to keep them healthy.  The only option really was to invest in good quality winter weather gear.

I decided to buy my children a Tizon Design windbreaker raincoat jacket.  They are lightweight and durable, so don’t restrict their movement or have them over heat when they are running around.  When folded they can fit inside a school bag or back pack and this makes them great for school or when I’m out and about.

These jackets are fully lined inside with a fitted lined hood to keep heads and little ears warm and dry and protected from the wind. The hood of the jacket also has special toggles so it can be adjusted around the head on those windier days.

There are two pockets, perfect for hankies, hiding toys, or storing those special stones found in the park.  The outside of the jacket is 100% waterproof and so easy to clean with a damp cloth. I love these Tizon Design jackets!