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This practical book by Jennifer Burrows is a collection of insights and wisdom from the author and 17 other experienced presenters. Each chapter is easy to read and the book is packed with real life lessons learned and tips to become more confident and effective as a presenter or public speaker.

Stories are shared, and the reader is provided with honest and open comments about the beginnings and process of becoming a presenter and public speaker.

The writing styles are all quite conversational so it’s easy to get a real sense of the communication style of each contributor and having you feel like they are talking directly to you.

Make sure you make notes, practice some of the tips and be willing to try what has worked for others as it may just work for you too.

Features and Benefits

  • 18 different perspectives and sets of tips on overcoming nerves about presenting – you are bound to find a few ideas that really fit your need
  • there are offers from contributors as well, giving value to you beyond what is contained within the book
  • chapters have a question and answer format making them easy to read and structuring the information in bite sized pieces
  • key tips, hints and quotes are highlighted so you can refer to them quickly
  • insights are all Australian and practical,meaning that whatever your current level of comfort and experience with presenting you will learn something from this book

Reviewer’s Experience

There are a variety of perspectives in the book, beginning with those of Jennifer Burrows so it is a powerful and smooth introduction to the book.

Each chapter is short and to the point, so it is easy to gain a lot of information in a short time and also to be able to easily revisit sections and key tips as a refresher or reminder.

Contributors come from a variety of backgrounds which means that some view points and comments will be more relevant to some readers than others – making the book suitable for a broad audience.

New presenters will find this reassuring and comforting – because every presenter gets nervous and all have made mistakes.   Experienced presenters will be reminded of key success tips or gain a new angle on what they already do.  The variety of viewpoints may not be for every reader and you may not agree with every statement made, yet it is all written in the spirit of sharing and helping – so take what feels right and try it out.