Is your garden looking a little lacklustre?

With our busy lives encroaching on our precious free time, many of us are neglecting our gardens these days.However, making your outdoor space inviting doesn’t have to take an age, and it could provide you with somewhere to spend the free time you do get – after all, there are many benefits to spending time outdoors.

1. Pep it up with paint

If your decking or garden furniture are looking a little dull, why not choose a new stain or shade to give it a fresh new look. Choose a stain or paint that requires just one coat, and you’ll quickly be able to give your garden a new breath of life.

2. Let there be light

Adding some new lighting Is a great way to help make your garden a great place to be in the evening. The right outdoor lights by Sunshower online offer a great atmosphere and help you to spend even more time outside in your sanctuary when the sun has gone down. Lighting for gardens comes in a huge array of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that you like. When it comes to keeping it natural, using solar powered lights allows for fewer wires and you’ll have the ability to place them all in the garden, however far away from a power source they may be. Alternatively, strings of fairy lights are great for wrapping around trees and spotlights are a great addition to any pathway or decking area.

3. Plants that are picture perfect

Whether your garden is all decking and lawn or you have a whole space full of flowers and shrubs, taking the time to make sure your greenery is healthy and thriving could mean the difference between garden glory and a rather sad looking space. If you have a small garden or no flower beds, why not try getting some colourful plant pots and using them for bulbs or bedding plants?

4. Veggie delights

If you’re up for trying something new this season and have some extra space in your garden, then why not attempt to grow some fruit and veg. Borders for the vegetable patch can easily be made from wood, or you can buy them online or at most garden stores. Your vegetable patch can be both beautiful and useful – being able to feast on your home-grown organic fruits and vegetables will make all the hard work worthwhile.

5. Summer house

A summer house is a wonderful way to make the most of larger gardens.

Not only are they practical for storing away furniture but they can become a beautiful alternative to decking depending on the space and layout of your garden.If you have a secluded spot at the end of the garden, placing a summerhouse there will allow you to relax in complete privacy, away from the main house.

Whatever you do to switch up your garden, commit to it fully and you’ll really reap the benefits of the work you’ve put in.

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