As humans, we take our creativity for granted!

What is easy for one, is not necessarily easy for others.  We put very little self-recognition on what we can do with little. This means we do not recognise that this is the gift we have. If we recognise our gift we are then given a choice to share this with others if we choose.

We all have creative self-expression within, which can come in many forms.  There are many varieties of artistic disciplines to explore, many of which we start to culminate and process whilst we are young.  By trying different experiences, with hopefully unlimited restrictions, we can find what makes us happy whilst creating our own potential.

Being able to design, create and or perform our chosen method of creativity is what not only enriches our lives but helps give us a greater meaning of ourselves. Firstly, to have the opportunity to express initially in a free-form is a gift. Later, via self-discipline, we hone the skill to another level where we are prepared to concentrate on reaching our own perfection as possible.

Whether we are drawn to dance, drama, writing, music or the visual arts, all types of design, photography, sculpture or communication through a digital or speaking medium, is up to us.  Most will tend initially to use the creativity we were introduced to by our parents, carers or schooling.  Being able to try out various experiences, using and helping our own creative juices flow is a gift and can lead us to our innate self.

For me personally, being a writer and able to put my thoughts on paper, is an opportunity to self-express. I find that I get the chance to bear myself and my soul which enriches me and my clients, as I coach or mentor them using my creative processes for effective problem-solving.  This fulfills me and allows me to be on-purpose through my own self-expression.

By having the opportunity to think creatively, using that creativity to express ideas with imagination in whatever endeavor and artistic practice is pursued, is an opportunity to express my inner soul but using my own ideas for self-expressive shaping.

Opening up to our artistic creative self can only enhance our learning by stimulating thinking and self-expression through originality in whatever area is chosen.

I suggest to all my clients that devoting themselves to their own artistic practice will give them the fulfillment and satisfaction of creating their own full potential.  I know this personally as true.