Create with Clay the Poppit way!
What Did We Review:   Poppit Pop ’n’ Display Bakery

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Create with clay the Poppit way! Make a miniature world that looks so real with Poppit!

Load the Popper with clay, pop out your piece and make cute mini creations! It’s the fun easy way to create with clay!

Create mini cakes, cool accessories, cute puppies and all sorts of small stuff!

There are lots to pop in this mini world!

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports imaginative play
  • Easy to use
  • Air dry clay – no baking or heat necessary
  • Easy clean up and minimal mess

Reviewers Experience

Kids have amazing imaginations.  They can create just about anything out of random items found around the home.

However, there’s nothing wrong with actually providing them with something that helps to enhance that imaginative play!

This is exactly what the Poppit Pop ’n’ Display Bakery provides!  An extra bit of creativity to enhance a child’s play experience.

Crafty kids will adore the whole ‘baking’ experience this toy provides, as did Miss C, who spent many waking moments carefully constructing, ‘baking’ and displaying her baked goods for us to purchase in her ‘store’.

The air drying clay makes the process a lot easier as there is no heat involved in setting the products.

A choice of colours as well as a choice of baked goods to create just makes the whole creative experience even more enjoyable.

There was minimal mess – of which I was surprised, as clay products usually leave some remnant of themselves behind!!!

The options for decorating and displaying the finished products mean that Miss C will have many more hours of fun and creativity with her Pop ’n’ Display Bakery, even after all the clay has been used!