Overseas travel is exciting and now it’s more accessible than ever.

Travellers are usually fully aware of the risks of travelling without travel insurance and the issues that being without a backup can create, but another type of concern causes havoc for many travellers – how can they ensure that they’re home remains safe and secure while they’re overseas?

Below are six ways you can monitor your house while you’re overseas, so that you can enjoy your travels, without the stress of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘buts’.

Have A Solid System

A surefire way to keep your home protected while you’re overseas is to ensure that you have a solid security system installed. It’s important to research different security systems for your home, and to select the one which most closely suits your needs.

Of importance is the method the system uses to send its monitoring data back to a base. For greatest security, select a system with constant reporting and redundancy measures built-in.

Get ‘Appy

It should come as no surprise in this modern age of smartphones and apps for everything that when it comes to home security, there is ‘an app for that’.

Home security mobile phone apps work by connecting interlinked devices such as cameras and sensors to the phone, and communicating any suspicious activity through the app. Users can opt to remotely contact security companies or to send local police to their property, a huge benefit for anyone travelling or unable to access their property.

Neighbourly Duties

It may seem old-fashioned, but the neighbourhood network (or neighbourhood watch) is effective because it employs some of your home’s best assets; the local network. For a neighbourhood to effectively watch out for each other, it’s important to develop a good rapport with your neighbours, and to communicate any upcoming journeys away from your home to a trusted neighbour. By doing this, you can help to ensure that any strange or unorthodox comings or goings will be noted by your neighbours, and be appropriately tracked.

Arrange a Friend

Friends also make for effective guards-people.

Once you’ve secured your holiday dates and times, communicate the necessary details to a trusted friend, and arrange for regular visits and drive-bys. Ask you friend to collect mail, to water any plants, to place rubbish bins on the street for collection, and to feed any pets. By taking care of these details, your house also looks like it’s being lived in, and becomes less of a target to potential intruders.

The Residents

Another great way to ensure that your home remains safe while you’re overseas is to arrange a sublet or for a housesitter. These types of arrangements ensure that your house looks lived in, with the benefit of having real-time human security and communication available. Subletting is also a great way to generate potential extra income, and can help to cover any costs incurred on your overseas trip.

If subletting or letting a stranger housesit, make sure to fully and accurately vet each potential candidate for security and trustworthiness. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and rental referees. It’s also an option to request a bond or a signed guarantee – just to cover the potential for any damage or misunderstandings.

Get Ahead Of The Game

The safest single way to monitor your home security is through the use of a reputable security system. In order to create the most effective home security system while you’re overseas, an even better idea is to utilise multiple methods. Combine a security system with a diligent friend and a trustworthy neighbour, and you’ll have a solid, dependable network ready to defend your home in case of any foul play. With enough measures in play, you’re more likely to feel safe, secure, and to enjoy your travels without fear for what’s happening at home.

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