You know winter is approaching when it gets dark early, temperatures start to drop and there is a chill in the air. As it gets colder it is important to keep yourself warm and protected to ensure you stay well during this season.

While some people may dread the long and cold winter nights, winter isn’t always that bad if you know how to keep yourself warm properly. In fact, keeping warm and snug during winter isn’t very difficult at all.

Keep reading for some tips to keep yourself toasty and comfortable this winter season.

1) Wear different layers of clothing

As layering etiquette goes, depending on the weather conditions and your activity on the day, dressing in up to three layers is an ideal way to stay toasty. The first layer worn is usually form-fitting clothing that can keep you warm and dry, such as a thermal vest top or underwear. The most effective clothing material for this first layer is synthetic as it will help to not only keep you dry but also regulate your body temperature if you were to heat up during some activities.

The middle layer is worn to insulate your body, keeping the cold out. Women’s cashmere wool jumpers are the perfect middle layer. They will not only keep you warm and snug on a cold winter’s day, they are also fashionable and very comfortable. Other clothing such as sweatshirts and polyester sweaters will also do the job.

The outer layer usually includes long trousers, coats and jackets. This layer should be breathable and used to protect the other layers of clothing.

2) Warm up your bed

It’s normal to get the urge to put the heating on before going to bed. However, there are ways of staying warm in bed without using too much electricity. A good way of warming up your bed is by putting a hot water bottle underneath the blanket, near the foot of the bed. This will keep your feet all toasty and comfortable all night.

A heated mattress pad is another way of keeping your bed warm. It is much more effective than an electric blanket and will keep your body warm when you sleep.

3) Use thicker and warmer curtains

During winter, it is important to keep your windows protected and covered to ensure heat does not escape the house. Your thin curtains should be replaced with heavier wool of fleece drapes and make sure that these curtains are shut to prevent heat loss. Another alternative would be attaching the thermal lining to your curtains, which is a fantastically low maintenance addition to keeping your home feeling nice and cosy.

4) Stay hydrated

You naturally don’t feel as thirsty during winter as you would during summer but you can easily get dehydrated as winter winds strip moisture away from your body. It is important to drink lots of water and hot beverages to ensure that you stay warm and hydrated this season.

5) Try to keep moving

While it is common to feel lazy and tired when you are cold, it is important to stay active. This will not only stir the heat in the house, it also helps to regulate your blood flow, keeping your body warm and healthy.

Try not to sit around doing nothing all day. You can keep your body moving by doing simple chores around the house.

6) Warm bath

After a long winter’s day, there is nothing better than to have a nice warm bath at home. This is a quick and easy way to get warm, especially if you have been out all day. Not only does it keep you warm, a warm bath is also a good way of relaxing if you have had a stressful day.

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