Being a business owner is wonderful and full of pressures. Being a mum is wonderful and full of pressures. When both worlds collide the fallout can be epic. You can’t see an end to the to-do lists nor do you feel like you are doing the best job of being a mum. You feel you have to develop and grow your business, you put high expectations on yourself forgetting that your role as a mother is the most important job you can be doing.

Here is a truth – your business could grow or it could stay the same – that is your choice. Your babies will grow without you. One day they are needing cuddles from you all the time, the next day they are crawling, then walking, then running, they become too busy to have long cuddles. Then they start primary school and high school and then they leave the nest. You need to stop and enjoy this time with your babies, tomorrow it will be gone.

With that said, what about your business. Here are some tips on managing your business to stay out of the pressure-cooker:

  1. Understand why you are in business. Is it to give you something to do to keep your mind ticking over? Do you need to bring an income into the house still? Do you want to be at home with your children and not go back to a JOB?
  2. Prioritise & schedule. Once you understand why you are in business you can then prioritise all activities in your life. You can then also schedule time in your calendar to do the important things. I recommend you schedule everything – work, domestic tasks, baby needs – everything!
  3. Create a dedicated workspace & time. Over and over I get told that mothers find it hard to work on the dining room table or on the couch with their children running around. Here is the secret – set yourself up an office and workspace and then set time where you will ‘go to work’ in that space. Ensure that your children are looked after by someone else for that time. Two hours of uninterrupted work will be more productive than a day of interrupted work.
  4. Do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself and your business – it is OK to have your business with slow growth or in fact just in maintenance mode for this period of time where you are needed as a mother.

When I talk to mums in business and tell them these four tips, I hear all sorts of excuses, and these excuses are normally coming from feeling guilty. Guilt that you are working instead of spending time with your babies. Guilt for spending time with your babies instead of working. Guilty for asking for help or even paying for it. Guilt for how you spend your non-mum or non-business time. The reality is that guilt is a wasted emotion. If you are a truly present mum when you are with your children and a functioning business person when you are in your business. If your children are being provided for and know that they are loved, you are doing an amazing job.

If you can make the choices you need to, without consideration for guilt or other wasted emotions. Then you will be closer to achieving balance in your business, life and yourself.