As a first time parent, there are a hundred questions that run through your mind. Not to mention all the comments you get from friends, colleague, and even family. Most are clichéd about not sleeping, getting used to more washing etc. Everyone’s an expert, right? There is no denying that raising your first child can be a daunting adventure. However, preparedness through is half the battle, so use these six tips for avoiding disaster as a new parent.

1. A womb is a tight place

The most common conversation you’ll have with friends and family is about sleep. Get used to not sleeping. Sleeping out of the womb can be an awkward feeling for a new baby. The womb is a cozy, tight place. Suddenly sleeping on your back in a cot can be a strange feeling. Replicating that can be done by swaddling.

Baby stores offer all kinds of swaddles to help wrap your baby tight and ensure a good sleep. A good stock of these will help avoid any sleeping disasters.

2. Washing away the stress

Additional washing as a new parent is inevitable. With that said, managing how much excess washing there is needed, isn’t. As a new parent, looking out for clothes that are simple and comfortable is key, but looking for clothes that come off easily, is crucial. Onesies are a great option. With buttons at the bottom and flaps at the top, no matter which ends the explosion is coming from, you can avoid it. Stopping those clothes from getting caught up will help you avoid all the additional washing.

3. Tricks of the trade

As a new parent, you can be forgiven for reading books to learn. Without the prior knowledge, how else would you learn those tricks? Excess gas can be a real disaster for your baby. As a new parent, knowing how to get rid of it can be tricky. One trick which can help avoid that disaster is that core strength. I don’t mean getting your baby to do crunches. Instead, use a similar movement to help alleviate gas. Move elbow to opposite knee to help ease the gas out. This little trick will help expel the gas and make your baby feel more comfortable.

4. Record it all

This doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy a video recorder, or set up a new data plan for your phone (although I am sure you will). Rather, keep records of your baby’s vitals. For example, diapers, bowel movements, feeding routines etc. Whenever you see your doctor or have concerns, it is usually one of the first things asked. Keeping a record makes the visit a lot easier and avoids a disastrous guessing game or relying on memory.

5. Assemble the help

Household furniture can be a nightmare to put together. Times that by ten, that is baby furniture. As a new parent stress isn’t something you’ll be short of. When purchasing the baby furniture, a cot, changing table, pram etc. If there is an option for someone to put it together for you, take it! Don’t let your ego cause an unnecessary tantrum (and I don’t mean by your new baby). Let someone who has put together many of these items take at least a little of that stress away.

6. Role it up

With a new baby, one of the disasters can be arguing with your partner. Before the baby arrives decide on a good rotation when it comes to those pesky tasks. Who is going to wake up to get the baby for feeding, changing, washing – the lot? Will you take turns changing, or does one person prefer washing? Deciding on what jobs you will do and whether you take turns will help avoid stress and arguments. Work together and make sure the new jobs are handled smoothly as you enter parenthood.

Being a new parent is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable one. Avoid the disasters a lot of new parents run into by using the six tips mentioned above. Learn to listen and watch your baby’s behavior for clues. This will always be the best indicator of any potential disasters.

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