What Did We Review:   Cobs Popcorn

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Where to buy: Available in supermarket outlets, health food stores and on-line

Cobs Popcorn is made using the purest of ingredients using traditional cooking methods.  It is so crunchy and fresh and comes in a range of delicious flavours to suit the whole family.

Features and Benefits:

  • Australian made
  • Available in a wide range of flavours
  • Gluten free
  • Made from high-quality ingredients

Reviewers Experience

The Cobs journey started in 2004 when Aussie parents John and Ravit Walys were looking for a healthy snack for their children.  Finding nothing on the market they began experimenting in their own kitchen and trying out new creations on their family, and after many trials Cobs popcorn was born.

Cobs popcorn have three important rules when making their popcorn:

  • Absolutely nothing artificial
  • Use the very best organic and natural Australian ingredients
  • Make small batches in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free environment

Cobs popcorn comes in three great ranges: Organic, Natural and a new Favourites range.

Cobs popcorn are gluten free and available in a variety of serving sizes.  This includes new smaller single serving snack-packs and variety multi-packs  – a perfect lunch box addition for school, quick bite at home, or for those on-the-go.

My little people (aged 6 and 8) and I were very excited to try some of Cobs new range of flavours.   The flavours that we tried included; Nacho Cheese, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Aged White Cheddar, Cocoa Crunch, Milk Chocolate and Caramel, and Dark Chocolate and Caramel.

We have become regular consumers of Cobs Organic Sea Salt flavour (yum!), so we were very excited to try their new growing range of flavours.

We decided to try Cobs Nacho Cheese flavour first. Cobs Nacho Cheese was fresh and packed full of flavour and crunch.  We all loved this flavour! This popcorn contained a spicy kick and reminded me of Mexican.  I also asked my three teenage nephews to try these.  My nephews are usually fussy eaters and not the biggest communicators, but they all gave this popcorn flavour a huge thumbs up!

Next we tried Cobs Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar. Wow! This flavour really packed a punch! This flavour was too much for my little people but perfect for the teenagers and adults.  Any fans of salt and vinegar chips will absolutely love this flavour!

We then tried Cobs Aged White Cheddar.  My little people liked this flavour a lot. We thought it tasted similar to the traditional popcorn you buy at movie cinemas.  It was delicious! The popcorn was very light in flavour and texture.

In the sweet range the Cobs Cocoa Crunch flavour was a delight! It was like eating cocoa pops breakfast cereal and was a real hit with my little people and the teens. This popcorn flavour was very crunchy and contained a very subtle chocolate flavour.

We next tried some of Cobs’ new Favourites range. We tried two flavours from this range; Dark Chocolate and Caramel, and Milk Chocolate and Caramel.

These flavours looked so inviting and delicious!  Even at first glance at the outer cream, brown and gold packaging, these flavours looked like luxury.  Cobs have taken popcorn to a whole new level!

Cobs Dark Chocolate and Caramel popcorn is completely covered in smooth dark chocolate and was so beautiful to taste. This flavour was too much for my little people but I loved every bite!

The flavour of Cobs Dark Chocolate and Caramel popcorn took my taste buds to another level. Wow! A chocoholics delight! So rich in flavour with the right amount of caramel and crunch! The perfect after-dinner indulgence for adults, together with a cuppa (or maybe a glass of wine).

Cobs Milk Chocolate and Caramel popcorn is light in flavour but has the perfect balance of popcorn, caramel and milk chocolate flavours. Each popcorn piece is carefully drizzled with high-quality milk chocolate and caramel and is so decadent and delicious. It wasn’t long before all the popcorn pieces were gone. Cobs Milk Chocolate and Caramel popcorn is a perfect snack for all the whole family to enjoy (or just the adults after the kids have gone to bed!).

Of all the flavours we tried, Cobs Milk Chocolate and Caramel popcorn was by far our absolute favourite! A perfect snack for that next family movie night or birthday celebration.

We loved trying Cobs popcorn and their new range of quality gluten-free flavours!

With the Australian Summer just around the corner, Cobs popcorn is perfect for entertaining! Whether it be a birthday party, movie night, relaxed casual gathering, or a more formal dinner party. After one bite of Cobs popcorn, you’ll be Cobsmacked!