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Set against the backdrop of rural China this tale of love, loss and the power of kindness this tale comes from a new voice in children’s stories. Telling the story of a young girls wish to have a pet and the events around how she manages to do this, even though her mother had refused to have any animals since the death of the girl’s father. Not all goes as planned and the pets end up with the ‘one eyed butcher’. Now can our hero save them from the butcher’s knife?

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps you turning the page
  • Beautifully written
  • Fantastic to read with kids

Reviewers Experience

My son and I loved reading Chook Chook, Mei’s Secret Pets together. It is a well written children’s novel about Mei, whose father has recently passed away and her mother who won’t allow any pets. When Mei discovers two chicks in her yard and decides to keep them, a cat and mouse game proceeds, where Mei is forced to try every trick in the book to keep her beloved pets. This book is warm, adventurous, a little bit cheeky and also deals with serious subjects such as death and mourning in a child friendly manner. As well it covers the wonderful role pets can play in our lives. I strongly recommend Chook Chook for any parent wishing to read a wonderful and entertaining story with their child.

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