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Australian children are set to fall in love with a new canine hero, Kim the audacious Jack Russell terrier, as they follow her extraordinary travel narratives.

‘Kim’s Adventure Travels – Punch-Up in the Punjab!’ by author Peter Stephenson is the first book in the trilogy.

Kim and the Cook family set off on a momentous holiday to Pakistan, only to be unwittingly caught up in a fast-paced chase after the thieves of stolen national artifacts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to read
  • Filled with excitement and adventure
  • Explores the history, geography and culture of Pakistan
  • Educational

Reviewers Experience

Kim’s Adventure Travels – Punch-Up in the Punjab! Is the first of three books written by the talented Peter Stephenson.

This book takes the reader on an amazing adventure across the country of Pakistan through the eyes of the Cook Family – mum Jenny, dad Peter, nine-year-old son Charlie and thirteen-year-old daughter Sam, and their tiny four-legged canine – the star of the story – a Jack-Russell terrier named Kim.

From the minute their airplane lands on the dusty tarmac of Karachi International Airport, Stephenson’s detailed descriptions transported me to Asia.  His immense knowledge of Pakistan was evident.

I could feel the hot ground beneath my feet and the humidity in the air. I felt like I was walking through the busy streets with loud motor vehicles passing by.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this beautiful country and its culture, and feel empathy for the poverty-stricken people.

As I continued to read the story and travel with the Cook family, I sensed the unity and love that they all had for each other. I felt like I was part of their family, sitting beside them in their Jeep (Jerry the Jeep), learning about the local vegetation and unique wildlife – beavers, gazelles, eagles, vultures, partridges, mountain goats, buffaloes to name a few. During meal-times I could taste the delicious colourful fruits, spicy curries and flatbread chapati, and dreamed of sipping chai tea.

The Cook family visit many local landmarks during their holiday – for example Mohatta Palace, Kirthar National Park – one of the largest national park in the world, Hydabad (City of Windcatchers), Lake Manchar, Monhenjo-daro, Rawalpindi, Khagan Valley, and Peshawar.  I loved how Stephenson describes each location, and beautifully touches on some of the local issues facing this country.

Just when I settled into the story – it suddenly twists keeping the reader on the edge of their seat!

While visiting a local museum, the Cook family witness two thieves stealing national artifacts.  Kim chases the thieves and jumps into the back of their getaway vehicle! The Cook family are then in hot pursuit across the Pakistan country-side to rescue Kim and recover the artifacts.

During their exciting adventure, the Cook family rescue a girl named Farah who had been kidnapped from her family by Sultan and his gang, and forced to dance for a band of travelling entertainers.

As they travel across the country, the story describes in immense detail the geographic landscape, towns, rivers and events that shape Pakistan as a country today.

The language used in the story is simple and suitable for younger readers – 8 years of age and above. The book is a great introduction to History and Geography, and assisting children in understanding cultural diversity.

The chapters are not too long to keep younger audiences engaged.  I loved how each chapter ends with questions on what will happen next, encouraging imagination, deep thinking, and open discussion. Will they rescue Kim and return the artifacts to the museum? Will they be able to return Farah safely back to her family?

I loved the positive messages throughout the book.  For example, at the beginning of the story the Jenny and Peter highlight the importance of staying together when travelling, and to always remember that they are now in a foreign country with a different legal system. The Cook family demonstrate the importance of remaining calm in an emergency, planning, team work, persistence, kindness, compassion, and communication.

I loved Kim’s Adventure Travels – Punch-Up in the Punjab! and look forward to reading Peter Stephenson’s two other books in this series, and following Kim and the Cook family on their next exciting adventure!