Five Star LocksmithsWhen you are moving to your new home, security may not be at the top of your humungous to do list – well it should be. The safety of you and your family is essential for you to feel comfortable especially in totally new surroundings.

Follow our quick tips to easily assess the safety of your new place and upgrade needed elements before you move:

1. How good are the door locks?

If you are moving into a newly built home this is an easy question because at some point you were part of choosing the locks that were installed and they should be a good quality. If your new home is preloved or a rental then you need to seriously consider changing the locks before you move in.

You don’t know how many keys for your external doors are in previous tenants hands and installing new locks gives you peace of mind.

If you are renting you can replace the locks for the time you are in residence. Make sure that you keep the old locks for reinstallation when you leave and give a key to the manager of the property.

2. Check your windows

How accessible are your windows? Are they on the ground floor and easy to approach from the street? Window locks are notorious for being easy to force open. We spend time and money on door locks and sometimes forget to pay attention to windows and other potential entry points.

If there are no locks install good ones – you may need advice from your local locksmith on the best locks for your windows, they can also assess window locks that are already there for security.

3. Are your external doors solid?

Have a good look at your external doors, are the made from a solid material or so flimsy that a five-year-old could kick them in? There is no use having the best lock in the world if a burglar can simply access through the door itself.

Replacing the weak doors is essential for your security. If renting talk to your landlord, secure doors increase the value of their property and it’s in their interest to prevent break-ins as well.

4. Outdoor lighting

Does your new home have adequate outdoor lighting? Does it just light the doorstep leaving the rest of the yard in shadows or does it light the whole area well to discourage potential thieves?

If you are installing lights yourself, consider motion sensitive lights (solar powered are even better). They turn on when they detect motion in your front or back yard and are a powerful deterrent to undesirables.

5. Overgrown garden

If there are lots of bushes in the garden that can provide cover to someone wanting to break into your new home, especially around the windows, do some trimming before you move in. If someone with questionable intentions can be easily seen on your property they are less likely to see your home as a target.

6. Security system

Install a security system. If you already have one that you plan to move when you do consider a simple wireless system that can be temporarily installed while you are moving and will provide security for things that are already there.

Check how secure your new home is before you move. Don’t wait to check the security until after something has happened – when thieves break into your home they steal your peace of mind as well as your belongings.