Girl Guides across Australia are proudly celebrating the Diamond Anniversary of Girl Guide Biscuits– 60 years of selling Girl Guide Biscuits. Saturday 26 May is the official National Girl Guide Biscuit Day when thousands of girls will be setting up biscuit stalls to fundraise for their Guiding activities.

Being one of the largest organisations in the country open to girls and young women from all backgrounds, cultures and religions, Girl Guides Australia provides informal learning programs, fun adventures, international travel, camps, outings and national events to its members.

Funds from biscuit sales enable Girl Guides Australia to support the delivery of programs that respond to the issues affecting girls and young women. This includes promoting women in leadership, financial literacy, awareness against body image stereotypes and gender-based violence.

Acting Chief Commissioner, Rosemary Derwin says, “National Biscuit Day is a reminder of the serious purpose behind Girl Guide Biscuits as monies raised go towards assisting Girl Guides to develop valuable life skills whilst boosting their confidence and helping them to reach their full potential in an environment where they share fun and friendship.”

Ms Derwin adds: “Put simply, when a community member buys our biscuits, they are buying into our future female leaders. It is no surprise that many of the most respected female members of society in Australia, from Premiers and Cabinet members to corporate leaders to media personalities, are former Girl Guides.”

More than just a tasty snack, Girl Guide biscuits have become an icon for Guiding throughout Australia. The flagship Traditional vanilla biscuit, the Buttery Shortbread (gluten-free) and the bite-sized Mini Chocolate Chip biscuit with real chocolate chips make up the 2018 Girl Guide biscuit range – a treat for everyone!

Girl Guide biscuit sales have started and can be purchased through Girl Guide units around the country and sales locations are listed online at

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