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How to Choose the Best Family Security for your Home

While owning a security system is not a 100% failsafe method of protecting your home from break-ins, it is a great deal safer than having fake cameras or nothing at all. Most criminals are familiar with the most popular ‘dummy’ units and won’t be put off by them. In the event a break-in occurs, the captured footage from your security system can provide evidence to police or an insurance company for a claim regarding contents insurance.

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10 Tips to Keep your Home Safe this Summer

With the rise of the share economy offering a number of new accommodation options to suit every budget, as well as great travel offers, many Australians will be travelling in their home state, interstate and overseas over the summer period. By taking a few precautions before you embark on a holiday, it can put your mind at ease and let you enjoy yourself, worry free. Security expert and founder of Australia’s highest rated security monitoring centre, Calamity, Daniel Lewkovitz shares 10 tips on how to keep your house safe while you’re away.

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Top Five Ways To Secure Your Home Against Theft

Securing your property against a possible burglary or unwanted intruder is the best act of safety one can partake in for you and your loved ones. Although traditional locks are the first step in safeguarding your home, there are supplementary methods of precaution that you can take to better defend your home. Let’s look at the top ways in which you can protect your home.

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