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10 Tips to Keep your Home Safe this Summer

With the rise of the share economy offering a number of new accommodation options to suit every budget, as well as great travel offers, many Australians will be travelling in their home state, interstate and overseas over the summer period. By taking a few precautions before you embark on a holiday, it can put your mind at ease and let you enjoy yourself, worry free. Security expert and founder of Australia’s highest rated security monitoring centre, Calamity, Daniel Lewkovitz shares 10 tips on how to keep your house safe while you’re away.

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Don’t Play Renovation Roulette!

John Jarratt, is not only one of Australia’s best known actors Having lost his dear friend and fellow actor Harold Hopkins to mesothelioma, with the mission of preventing others from developing this deadly but preventable cancer, Jarratt has taken on the leading role of national Asbestos Awareness Ambassador. “Many believe the health risks associated with asbestos are a thing of the past and that asbestos materials are only found in fibro homes. How wrong they are,” Jarratt said. ‘Because Australia was one of the largest consumers of asbestos-containing products in the world, many of these products remain hidden dangers in 1-in-3 brick, weatherboard, fibro or clad Australian home built or renovated before 1987,” he said.

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Smart Pool Sense is the Best Insurance Policy this Summer

Australasia’s largest pool and spa specialist group is urging homeowners to ensure their properties not only comply with local council regulations, but to also remain vigilant during summer’s peak swimming season. Swimart says a mix of common sense and expert water advice is the best insurance policy for anyone who spends time in and around a pool – especially children and non-swimmers.

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How Video-on-Demand Changed the Family Living Room and What we Need to Do to Unite the Family Again

In the olden days, families would gather around one television, all watching one show. Shows were catered to a general audience, and whoever had control of the remote managed to control what the whole family was watching. The shows featured characters that each person in the room could relate to, and discussion about the plot soon followed a dramatic moment or a commercial break. In this way, the family unit was together.
Today, with the rise of the internet, on-demand-content, and the proliferation of the smartphone, the family living room has changed. In most middle class homes each family member has his or her own device (i.e. tablet, smartphone, smart-TV), making entertainment far more individualized.

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Keeping Children Safe on the Internet: Give Your Kids Advice and Rules When it Comes to Surfing the Web

How can you truly teach your kids to use the internet safely? The digital world can be an unpredictable place and you can never safeguard your children enough. As parents, we always want to ensure that our kids are not being subjected to inappropriate things on the internet. There are ways to manage your kid’s exposure to unwanted content. As parents, you have to regulate your child’s online time and be physically present in order to monitor effectively. Let’s that a look at some top tips on how to keep your little ones safe while they are enjoying their internet time.

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10 Ways to Have Your Family Prep for the Next Catastrophe

The Emergency Events Database or EM-DAT has reportedly recorded over 6,800 natural disasters worldwide over a 20-year period from 1994 to 2013. This record shows the frequency and inevitability of geophysical disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, and drought. Needless to say, the victims of these disasters are severely impacted by these harsh occurrences.

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Safe Motorists Aren’t Always in the Cities you Travel To

When it comes to being a driver or a passenger, we can all be a back-seat driver at times. Driving standards vary dramatically from nation to nation, country to country, and city to city. This can make for some hazardous drivers, as rules of the road in one city can be very different in another city. Let’s take a look at some of the top worst cities in the world to be a driver in.

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Top Five Ways To Secure Your Home Against Theft

Securing your property against a possible burglary or unwanted intruder is the best act of safety one can partake in for you and your loved ones. Although traditional locks are the first step in safeguarding your home, there are supplementary methods of precaution that you can take to better defend your home. Let’s look at the top ways in which you can protect your home.

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