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Sleep easy while your babe sleeps easy!

A bassinet model that sets itself apart because of its multiple, rigorous finishes – it comes with a practical changing pad which easily attaches to the bassinet via a zipper with a safety device. A practical mesh window is hidden under the fabric on the side which allows you to keep visual contact with your baby easily. It has 3 different interchangeable leg positions: wheels, rocker and stationary. Magnets at the top and at the bottom of the window allow you to easily open, close or arrange the window – with no loose parts. It also features easy-to-reach side pockets for books and toys. It is available in six different colours and patterns. It is suitable for children from 0 to 6 months

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IVF and Genetic Testing: What’s It All About?

You may have heard about genetic testing of embryos but don’t really understand who needs it, why people would opt for it, or what is involved? The good news is, genetic screening can be very beneficial for a range of people including those: suffering recurrent miscarriage; are of advanced maternal age; with a family history of chromosomal disorders; or have experienced previous unsuccessful IVF cycles.

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Paid Parental Leave Changes – Everything You Need to Know

The Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill is back and this time I think it will be passed by Parliament. I don’t believe the Government would reintroduce the Bill if it didn’t think it would pass. This is my summary of all of the changes you should know about if it goes through in its current state. There will probably be some changes before the final version. The Bill refers to your employer provided paid leave as ‘primary carer pay’ and I will do the same here. Paid Parental Leave (PPL) is the 18 weeks of minimum wage provided by the government.

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Enhancing Fertility with Your Diet

It must be said that the reasons for infertility especially in women is very complex and can’t simply be rectified by your diet BUT having a healthy diet improves your general health and can also be powerful enough to regulate hormone imbalances. Diet together with exercise can dramatically assist regular ovulation in people suffering from ovulatory problems. Here is a little background info on how carbohydrates impact hormones and their feedback systems.

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