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Creative Expression

We all have creative self-expression within, which can come in many forms. There are many varieties of artistic disciplines to explore, many of which we start to culminate and process whilst we are young. By trying different experiences, with hopefully unlimited restrictions, we can find what makes us happy whilst creating our own potential.

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Always Wear Shoes … and 49 other tips from Last Years’ Schoolies

Schoolies is about to get underway across the country and one of the major locations, the Gold Coast, was hit last week with a spate of nearly 20 people under the influence of a mystery new drug with hectic hallucinogenic side effects. It’s understandable for parents to be worried. For many parents, it’s the first time they will be allowing their child to travel away with their friends and get their first real taste of a festival atmosphere and their new independent adult life. It’s important in all families to have a quiet chat with your child about the potential risks and how to have fun but keep themselves safe and keep an eye out for their mates.

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How Teens Are Creating Their Own Personal Brands

What do Taylor Swift, Hilary Clinton and Oprah have in common? Aside from being incredible female role models, they all have a successful personal brand. Something they stand for and an image we can clearly recall for each personality. Personal branding is not just for celebrities, entrepreneurs, and world leaders. Our teens are creating their own personal brands too. Because if they don't, someone else will. Let's take a look at how to create a memorable personal brand.

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Dyson has Stopped Developing Corded Vacuums

Where do I start to explain this unit? Firstly, it is the development and research they apply to everything they do. Dyson is a global technology company that has made a habit of transforming each category they have entered with radical and iconic reinventions that work, perform and look very different to established norms.

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