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Tips on Shopping for Fashionable Maternity Clothes

Your baby bump is growing and you feel like it is time to create a shopping list and hit the chic online stores, packed with modern maternity clothes. But before you grab your purse and load up on patience, here’s a definite must-read for any mom-to-be out there with a mission of looking put-together and chic during the upcoming months: our one-to-five list featuring the best tips on shopping for fashionable maternity clothes.

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Mother Guilt – Kick it to the curb!

Here’s a sobering thought: no matter how much we love our kids we're going to mess them up in some way. Here’s the exciting part: every now and then I get a delicious glimmer of hope that I am going to raise wonderful human beings with whom I am going to have an amazing relationship. Then, my heart smiles.

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