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Sleep easy while your babe sleeps easy!

A bassinet model that sets itself apart because of its multiple, rigorous finishes – it comes with a practical changing pad which easily attaches to the bassinet via a zipper with a safety device. A practical mesh window is hidden under the fabric on the side which allows you to keep visual contact with your baby easily. It has 3 different interchangeable leg positions: wheels, rocker and stationary. Magnets at the top and at the bottom of the window allow you to easily open, close or arrange the window – with no loose parts. It also features easy-to-reach side pockets for books and toys. It is available in six different colours and patterns. It is suitable for children from 0 to 6 months

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Help Your Child Retain The Perfect Posture They Were Born With

Have you ever observed a baby sitting on the floor? They have perfect posture. Nobody is telling them to “sit up straight!” they just do this automatically.

If you observe their movements you will notice something quite beautiful. They sit upright effortlessly with their pelvis positioned well to perfectly stack the spinal discs and vertebrae up above. Their shoulders are well back and their necks are long and straight. When they bend to reach for a toy or other object, they hinge forward from their hips. The back stays straight and their shoulders remain back while performing this task.

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Caring For Younger Skin

Baby and children’s skin is thinner and more fragile and sensitive than adults’ skin. It can be easily irritated, because it can’t make a lot of natural oils and its ability to act as a barrier to bacteria and harmful chemicals/environmental factors is also diminished. To help look after and protect the skin from infancy through to childhood and early adolescence, use the following recommendations.

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