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Working mothers still doing more housework than stay-at-home dads

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) analysed some of the data eventually collected and found that, on average, women do around 14 hours of chores around the house per week while men do less than five.

This is true despite the increasing number of women who work full-time and those who are the breadwinners for their household.

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How to Get Best Family Caravan for Vacation Trip

If you want to hit the road with your family quite often then it is better to purchase a family caravan that can easily fulfill your requirements, which means comfort and the basic necessities. After all, a road trip should be adventurous and comfortable too. So, if you are planning to get a family caravan, check out the tips mentioned in this article.

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How your family can catch and tame success

Success is an elusive prey. Some struggle hard to catch it while others seem to do it almost effortlessly. Is there a practical, surefire way to catch and tame success? As children, we managed to succeed in most things we did at school and home. Little children learn to walk and talk without a teacher and use a smartphone long before they can read. This almost limitless inborn ability is still sleeping within all of us.

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Dyson has Stopped Developing Corded Vacuums

Where do I start to explain this unit? Firstly, it is the development and research they apply to everything they do. Dyson is a global technology company that has made a habit of transforming each category they have entered with radical and iconic reinventions that work, perform and look very different to established norms.

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