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Four Tips for De-cluttering Your Home Before You Sell

When selling your home, you really want to maximise the amount you can get for it but there are some common mistakes that can really affect the price you sell for. Daniel and Lisa Baxter, who specialise in helping people sell their own homes through their business Your Hot Property, have put together some tips to help you make the most of what you have!

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The Homeowner’s Guide to Downsizing without Losing Your Mind

There are all kinds of reasons why a family might need to downsize to a smaller property. You might be looking for somewhere cosier now that children have moved out to university or marriages of their own. You might be hoping to save money and cut expenses. Or, you could just be excited about the prospect of a change. Whatever your plans, downsizing can be a valuable decision, but it does come with some unique challenges.

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Useful packing tips for moving home

Moving house is hard, but most people would agree that the most stressful aspect of any house move is the packing. Between deciding what order to pack in and the best way to fit all of the items in the boxes, there are lots of different things to consider when packing for a move.

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Common Moving Fails

Some people love to try and do everything on their own. And you know what? That is pretty admirable. When it comes to moving house, many homeowners seem to think that it’s a piece of cake. And on the surface, we can see exactly why you would think that. But as Finn Hayden highlights, there are so many ways that a ‘DIY move’ can go wrong, regardless of how well you think you’ve prepared.

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Moving house with kids

New friends, new school and new home; moving house can be tough for kids. And although most of the stress won’t fully hit home until the move has been completed, difficulties can arise as soon as the boxes start getting packed. Seeing their whole life getting boxed up can be understandably stressful for kids, so it’s important that you help them through the process by making it as easy as possible for them.

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How to Quickly Acclimate to Your New Home After a Move

Acclimating to your new home is very different from settling in to your new home. Opening boxes and putting items where they belong is the easy part, truly feeling at home there may take a little longer. This is especially true if you are in a new neighborhood, community or state. In order to speed you along with the acclimation process, we have the best tips that are sure to help you feel at home in no time.

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10 Tips For Moving House

Moving house can be stressful, but with careful preparation it can be a fun family adventure for children. The key to keeping calm and making a move as easy as possible is to plan ahead and enlist as much help from family and friends as possible.

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