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How the Technological Arc is Good for Homeowners

Technology’s march forward creates cheaper electronics. Think about when the first flat screen television came on the market or the first iPhone made its debut. They were not cheap – in fact they were almost outrageously expensive. However, as time went on, what was considered new technology at one point in time, phased out and became standard. In turn, homeowners benefited from a variety of new changes that would sweep the market, and make last year’s model more affordable. This is what’s known as the technological arc.

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Bagging a Bargain Online

Online shopping has absolutely exploded in recent years in Australia and Australians are some of the biggest spenders online. This is not just because things online are often cheaper but also due to the fact that you can find stuff online that is very hard to come by in local physical stores. A true “spend less and get more” proposition!

Here are some tips to help you score the best deals when shopping online.

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Tips to get your kids to disconnect and play offline

All busy parents know the importance of spending quality time with their kids, but the growth of technology has kids spending less time with their family. With new technology being released every month. Even parents find trouble getting away from technology on the weekends. The dilemma of sneaking away for a weekend business call or leaving the kids entertained with technology is becoming what seems like a common occurrence.

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