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The Outdoor Room

Australians love the outdoors and our climate offers a great outdoor lifestyle. We all love to have friends over for a BBQ, drink or a party. Our lifestyles move seamlessly between the indoors and outdoors and so are the definitions of how we use our domestic spaces.

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How to Save Water in the Garden

Water is an important resource that should be not be wasted. Gardening may require significant amounts of water depending on the plants that have been planted in the garden. However, below are several garden design ideas suggested by The Irrigation Shop that can help you save water.

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Tips for safe travels in the USA

The language is the same and the culture so familiar, but like anywhere in the world, the land of the free and the home of the brave has its share of scams and rip-offs that target the unwary traveller. From simple sleight of hand to fake tickets and identity theft, here are the most common tourist scams in the USA, and the top tips to prevent being a target.

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