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Top Places to Visit in the City with Kids this School Holidays

School holidays are fast approaching but don’t worry, there’s so much on in Perth that you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment for the whole family.

The new Perth has ditched its dullsville tag and is choc-a-block with fun and exciting things to do and see these holidays that will keep the whole family busy for ages.

From wet and wild water parks to historic heritage buildings, fascinating science discovery trips to silly sports, world-class exhibitions to the world’s most unusual animals, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do in Perth during the December school holidays.

Here’s just a little taste of what’s on.

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Airbnb Customers Most likely to Return for More

Much has been written about how online accommodation marketplace Airbnb has disrupted the tourism industry with its ‘share-economy’ business model. Now, new Roy Morgan data reveals that the San Francisco-based company continues to wow Australian travellers: indeed, more than eight in every 10 Aussie holiday-goers who used Airbnb in the last 12 months would consider doing so again for their next trip, a higher proportion than any other travel agent or booking service.

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Home for the Holidays: How Wheelchairs are Allowing for Easier Transportation for Disabled Individuals

Holiday season is quickly approaching and with Christmas just around the corner, you will be visiting family and friends all over the nation. Holiday’s are the happiest time of year; a time when families get together, cozy up around the fireplace and share stories of yesteryear. Those who require a wheelchair upon their arrival will find comfort in knowing that wheelchair rentals are far more accessible than one may think.

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Gourmet Tasmania or Beachy Queensland? Our Most Popular Holiday Activities by State

What did you do on your last domestic holiday? According to the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, more people went bush-walking than visited museums on their last Australian getaway, and shopping was a more popular holiday activity than swimming/surfing. We explore what Aussies do when holidaying on home shores and how this varies between different states.

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Smart Pool Sense is the Best Insurance Policy this Summer

Australasia’s largest pool and spa specialist group is urging homeowners to ensure their properties not only comply with local council regulations, but to also remain vigilant during summer’s peak swimming season. Swimart says a mix of common sense and expert water advice is the best insurance policy for anyone who spends time in and around a pool – especially children and non-swimmers.

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Dyson has Stopped Developing Corded Vacuums

Where do I start to explain this unit? Firstly, it is the development and research they apply to everything they do. Dyson is a global technology company that has made a habit of transforming each category they have entered with radical and iconic reinventions that work, perform and look very different to established norms.

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