caring-for-younger-skinBaby and children’s skin is thinner and more fragile and sensitive than adults’ skin.

It can be easily irritated, because it can’t make a lot of natural oils and its ability to act as a barrier to bacteria and harmful chemicals/environmental factors is also diminished.

To help look after and protect the skin from infancy through to childhood and early adolescence, use the following recommendations.


Use warm water in the bath or shower (hot water is very drying) and cleanse with a soap free body wash.

Our soap-free wash is very gentle and effectively cleanses the skin without removing any natural oils.  In fact, the active oils in the wash will regenerate damaged skin and nourish the natural barrier function.

Regular soaps can be very irritating, as the pH of these can be significantly higher than that of healthy skin.


Using a good quality moisturiser immediately after bathing will increase skin hydration and improve barrier function, meaning less irritated and softer skin.

If young skin feels particularly dry (which is common throughout winter) then reapplying Girl Lane body lotion 3-4 times a day is recommended.

Our body lotion is high in Vitamin E, sunflower oil and Shea butter to soften and sooth fragile skin, with added avocado oil and apricot kernel to enhance moisture retention.

It is also fragrance free and what makes it unique in comparison to other body moisturisers in the Australian market is that it is dimethicone free – extremely important for young skin.


It’s important to start an early sun protection habit so that our children aren’t exposed to the same level of sun damage as their parents were.

When outdoors, light clothing, hats, sunglasses and shade are the best forms of protection against the harsh Australian sun.

When necessary, a broad spectrum sunscreen applied frequently and following swimming or activities gives exceptional protection and hydration.

Remember that lips and eyes also need protection against the sun!