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Marvellous Creations have now introduced special edition carnival-inspired Marvellous Creations blocks and bars, all containing its famous unique textures and ingredients.  And yes you guessed it there was a fight in the office when it came to who was going to get to try these Yummy treats!!

Well I love chocolate the most so won the arm wrestle to win and I must say I was not disappointed as the  new flavours include:

  • Cola Candy, Popping Candy, Fizzy Crunch, featuring the unique kick of cola combined with fairground popping candy and fizzy crunch coated in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, sure to trigger off a tastebud party!
  • Orange Lolly, Orange Chips, Fizzy Crunch brings the buzz of orange alive with a long-lasting sweet flavour and a deliciously chewy finish, all wrapped in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.
  • Toffee Apple Chews, Toffee Apple Chips, Crunchie Bits will leave you salivating for hours with its chewy and crunchie pieces, topped up with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. A delight for those who make a beeline for the toffee apple stand at the fair!

And Marvellous Creations are also available in miniature with three new  flavours that provide a burst of surprise and delight with each mouthful in bite sized pieces.

  • Jelly Zingers will delight candy lovers with its mix of zingy fruit-flavoured jellies coated in scrumptious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.
  • Toffee Nutters is a must-have for those nuts for toffee! These drops with soft peanutty centre provide a mouth-watering toffee crunch hit, covered in yummy smooth Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.
  • Caramel Shakes features a centre of crunchie caramel pieces in creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate covered in a flavoursome caramel-infused candy shell.

I got to try the Caramel Shakes and Cola Popping Candy Fizz. Now this is where I should say I wish I shared with the office because when I got home hubby took off with the carmel shakes and the kids with the Cola Fizz.  But they forgot how much Mummy loves chocolate so after chasing the kids down I got to try my Cola Fizz and yum!!! All my childhood memories of popping candy came flying back. As for the Caramel Shakes hubby is faster than me…..but tells me I should add them to the shopping list for next time so I think we have a win!!