Cabbage Patch Glow

Cabbage Patch innovation just keeps on arriving. This time they have the added bonus of Glow in the Dark.

It is the same cute Cabbage Patch we all know and love and of course they are the new best friend of each new owner. Like all the Cabbage Patch kids who have gone before every one will be especially loved and carried around for years to come.

The Glow Party Cabbage Patch Kids feature too cute Pj’s and sleep masks that glow in the dark, perfect for keeping your little one safe and sound after the lights go out.

Just like the original Cabbage Patch Kids, each Glow Party Kid comes with the traditional baby powder scent, their own name, adoption papers and Birth Certificate.

The Glow in the dark PJ’s of Miss 5’s new best friend – Leah Kait – are light activated and therefore need no batteries – yay! Miss 5 takes her Leah Kait with her everywhere throughout the day and then they go off to bed with Leah Kait ‘glowing’ the way.

Having a Cabbage Patch kid adopted into your household changes the dynamic. Get ready to be replaced as the most important person in the household. But most importantly the little one will learn important lessons about caring – and maybe sharing.

You can’t go wrong with Cabbage Patch Dolls who have been adopted into over 124 million families since 1983!!!

Each one of those 124 million has been adopted into a household and every one of them contributing to the makeup of the home.