Busy Dads Can Cram Quality Time into Little Time at HomeAussie dads might be the most hands-on they’ve even been, but they still struggle to find time to dedicate to their kids a recent survey found.

ServiceSeeking.com.au found that half of all small business owners who are dads admit to feeling guilty about the lack of time they spend with their children.

But time-poor dads (and mums) can still cram in quality time with the kids, they just need to be inventive with how they do it.

The 5 minute wrestle before bed

So mum has probably got the kids fed, bathed and dressed while dad is still on his way home.

The kids are fretting of another night of no Daddy cuddle before bedtime when pow, the door opens and in bounds Daddy “The Rock” Lateness ready for a WWE power fight. He’ll have those calm, ready-for-bed tykes all hyped up like adrenalin junkies in an instant. And as annoying as it is that your hard work has all been undone in the same instant, dad needs this five minutes of fun.

Alright, so it might stretch (way) past their bedtime but everyone is better off with that endorphin rush and lovely bonding time.

Daddy cuddles in the middle of the night

Sure, kids will more often than not cry out for mum in the middle of the night. And men might claim they need more sleep than women.

But a dad who is longing for more time with his kids will love that very welcoming middle-of-the-night cuddle. It’s super clingy, super warm and super special. And as a bonus, mum gets to keep sleeping. Win-win for all.

The Morning Tickle Monster

If you kid wakes up in a crank, or your husband for that matter, the tickle monster will have them both better suited to start the day in no time.

Most kids are super ticklish and it doesn’t take much to elicit the most beautiful sound of their infectious laughter.

Laughing out loud so much it hurts is the best way to kick-start your day.

Many hands make light work fun

Older kids love feeling needed and helpful and really thrive on positive reinforcements, so why not include them in some of dad’s household chores.

Whatever they may be, find a way to incorporate your youngsters into them. Pack the dishwasher together, make breakfast together or have a chat as you take the garbage out.

Not only is it quality time, but it’s a great lesson for sharing the load around the home.

Hop step it to work

If dad is time-poor, he probably struggles to find time to do exercise as well.

But if he catches public transport to work, why not join in for the walk. It’ll get everyone’s endorphins pumping for a positive day ahead.

Or if the mornings are too rushed, maybe you can meet him there for a walk home and debrief of the day.

Technology is your friend this time

While normally you might struggle to get your kids off technology, their eyes hanging out of their head as they beg for 5 minutes more, this is the one exception more screen time is ok.

A good night Skype or Facetime call with a dad who won’t make it home before bedtime is a great way for everyone to connect when the pressure of work is just too much.

Free up his free time

One in four households outsource their cleaning and/or gardening.

Not only does it free up more time to spend with the kids, but it most likely makes you stress less as you won’t have to worry about when and how you’re going to find the time to get it done.

Outsource it now and feel more relaxed and happy this Father’s Day!