Bulla Ice Cream - Perfect for your child's next tea party!What Did We Review:   Bulla Ice Cream Sticks

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Where to buy: At your local food store.

Bulla have launched a new ice cream stick range inspired by fairy bread and biscuit!

Features and Benefits:

  • Delicious and creamy
  • Perfect combination of flavours
  • Great texture on the outside
  • Bright, colourful and fun packaging

Reviewers Experience

Walking through the frozen section, I was surprised to see a new variety of stick ice creams available from Bulla.  They have released a range that includes; Fairy Bread, Cookies and Cream and Cookie Crumble.

As you can imagine they are as yummy as they sound and look incredibly inviting to children.

You want five minutes peace and a happy child, or a special surprise at birthday parties, then these ice creams are perfect.

As soon as I took one of the ice creams out of the freezer my daughter squealed with delight.  If you love fairy bread and want to offer a special memory to share with your child at your next tea party or picnic then the a Fairy Bread ice cream is the treat to reveal.

A creamy vanilla ice cream, covered with banana flavoured icing and brightly coloured sprinkles, and when you bite into it you get the crunch of those party sprinkles and the soft classic ice cream.

The Cookie Crumble ice cream reminds me of the ice creams of my childhood.  A creamy ice cream inside and the texture of the cookie crumble is delicious.  We shared them with the extended family and they appealed to every age group.

I have yet to buy the Cookies and Cream variety, but they will be on this weeks’ shopping list as I can’t wait to try them.  If they’re anything like the other two varieties then they will be amazing!